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Cyprus welcomes Endomarch!

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The World Movement against Endometriosis is taking place annually in San Francisco, California and Washington DC. Athens has also held an EndoMarch!
Cyprus participates in EndoMarch this year for the first time in an effort to convince all women who have endometriosis that the disease is curable, but also to those unaware of the existence of the disease to be informed.
Our motto is “Stop the ignorance”’ and we call all women to participate in this phenomenal worldwide action.

About Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue that is inside the die, this is outside the organs of the abdomen and pelvis, where it will not be developed. The condition occurs primarily in the pelvic cavity, on or under the ovaries, behind the uterus, the tissues that hold the matrix in position, the viscera urinary sac. In extremely rare cases, endometriosis is found in the lungs or other parts of the body Although it is a benign condition creates many problems in women that appear with annoying symptoms such as severe pain in the pelvic area during the period dysparefneia irregular uterine bleeding, prolonged menstruation, fatigue, nausea, dysuria, gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Endometriosis pain can be so intense, that affect the quality of a woman’s life, both in its relations and in terms of professional performance. Other women did not show any symptom of endometriosis until they decide to have a child and do not manage them. The two most common imaging tests for the diagnosis of endometriosis is ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) .The only way but for Na know for sure if a woman suffers from endometriosis and to what extent, is laparoscopy. Laparoscopy can provide useful information to help women to identify how and when they can become pregnant, or if you need to undergo in vitro fertilization. H treatment of endometriosis may include additional treatment after laparoscopy with stopping period of time of 3 months eos6 depending on the stage of endometriosis. Women with minimal or mild endometriosis are twice as likely to become pregnant naturally, almost immediately after epemvasi.Stis more severe endometriosis cases, surgery can help restore tisfysiologikis anatomy of the pelvis to allow the ovaries and fallopian tubes function better. The surgery to remove large utero may also improve fertility rates, but there is a limit as to how it can improve the achievement levels egkymosynis.I treatment should be individualized and consider all available methods to help a woman become pregnant. When the endometrium developed in different parts of the woman’s body such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the outer mold surface, cervix, vulva, then talk about endometriosis. The diagnosis of endometriosis is by laparoscopy. Endometriosis can be treated with either hormones or laparoscopic surgical procedure. Read more here:εξειδικευση/ενδομητριωση

Personal Stories

Mary’s moving testimonial and message of hope  … 

When I was informed about the EndoMarch Campaign I immediately traveled six years ago… when I started my own journey. 2010… after the wedding with my beloved husband I was expecting the good news from month to month… We wanted a baby so much. A baby that did not come… I encountered many problems with my intestines, I had strange pains and intense from when I was young. Since I remember myself, I was so sick during those days of the month … having many gastrointestinal problems without obvious cause … stress and anxiety was the diagnosis of doctors.

At the same time my husband and I were trying to have a baby. After a year, my gynecologist during a routine check suspected that I suffer from endometriosis. I underwent laparoscopic surgery where endometriosis was identified. My gastrointestinal problems finally had a specified cause… Endometriosis… It was so simple… Hormonal therapies followed, unfortunately without result. Within this journey you discover strength, durability and persistence you did not know you had,!!! You soliloquize and do not accept failure, you only expect a positive outcome… to beat endometriosis! It was my secret motto and I believed so!

The first in vitro fertilization was unsuccessful … Endometriosis had  damaged the ovaries … my ovums had been destroyed… For eight months I was putting factitious menopause injections… I was 28 years old… Immediately, I made in vitro again and then I felt for the first time that my impaired body began to be normal again… I was starting to hope and to look forward… This effort was successful and I was finally living the dream! We had put endometriosis to sleep! Nine tough months followed but it was worth the trip… I delivered the most sweet angel, my little girl, Meli!

Endometriosis disease is curable, there is a solution when there is determination, strength and faith! If you too suffer, WALK this path and you will come out victorious.

Time to end the silence and speak out. It is not a shame.

Dedicated to all the women who know they deserve what is best and follow their dreams!  



Georgia’s Anastasiou confession by heart gives hope to the women who fight against Endometriosis 

Since I remember myself, I also remember the pains of my period. I suffered from horrible pains since high school. I remember myself to envy my friends who said: “I don’t understand when my period comes and when it’s gone!”. Ι did understood pretty well. Sometimes I had to go to the hospital for a painkilling injection! 

Other days, I was puking because of the pain. I had to lose a job, as my employer could not understand the reason I could not go to work once a month! The doctor’s diagnosis was that it was reasonably in pain because I have thalassemia. Another diagnosis was “You are O.K.”. “Probably you are so precious…” they said. After that, I changed 3-4 doctors because nobody understood the reason I experienced so much pain. And finally, I found the right health clinic.

After the first ultra sound my doctor announced to me something I Had not heard before “You have Endometriosis disease.”. We could not see the exact stage via the ultra sound, but at least we no knew it was there. A laparoscopic surgery cleaned the area. It was not easy as Endometriosis had affected the whole uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It was a severe form of Endometriosis… 

After that, I started birth control pills in order to prevent Endometriosis from relapsing, or at least not to appear in such a large extent again. After three years I decided to stop the pills. Fortunately, I got pregnant immediately, with twins. The following eight months were eventful…until I gave birth to my babies by Caesarean section. The obstetrician saw the endometriosis and cleaned the area again! My doctor confirmed what I had read, most often endometriosis is cured after a birth.

After three months, I felt it again… Endometriosis had not left and never will probably! I live with it and feel grateful it let me make my babies without extracorporeal procedure.

There is no reason to be shy to speak out about endometriosis!

Join us on Sunday, March 20 at 11am in a Walk of Hope. Because there is always hope. Even when you think you are lost, hope gives you a slap and forces you to dream again!

Georgia Anastasiou

Georgia Anastasiou

“I started having pain in my teens, but everyone would tell me that it was normal. It continued to get worse over the years and finally at age 20 I was diagnosed with Endo. Before I was diagnosed with Endo I saw so many different doctors and they treated me like an idiot, one even suggested that it was all in my head. I was misdiagnosed at first with ulcerative colitis then IBS, but the medication they gave me didn’t help me and I knew that it was something that had to do with my reproductive system. I knew that there was something wrong because I couldn’t handle the pain, especially during my cycle. I was missing work a lot, during my periods I couldn’t even get up from bed; I would also bleed a whole lot. I have had two laparoscopies but the pain came back, then the doctor put in Lupron for six months, I took a five-month break and then re-started Lupron for another six months. So far Lupron has been what has worked for me; the side effects are awful but a lot better than the pain. I am currently seeing a fertility doctor and I am on Clomid, so far no luck though. I had an artificial insemination last month but it didn’t work. I’m not even ovulating according to my blood tests. I think I will try for a couple more months, I don’t think I can handle the pain much longer. I am going to start the Endo diet, hopefully that will help. I feel comfort knowing that other people on this web site know exactly what it’s like. I exercise every day and that seems to help me with the pain, I have also lost 50lbs. and that minimized the pain too. Maybe the Endo diet will be the answer.”


Rocio Heil

USA, 2004

Owning my endometriosis story starts the day my “endo” ended. My story starts the day of my fourth laporoscopy surgery as my surgeon told my husband and I there was no visible sign of endometriosis. My endo story starts the day my specialist told me, “There was nothing more I can could do for you.” My endo story started the day I embraced my demons and embraced that endometriosis is in my heart, it is in my head, it is in my spirit, and it is in every cell in my body.


Dr. Stephanos Chandakas MD MBA PhD

Obstetrician – Endoscopic Surgeon – Gynecologist President of EndoMarch Cyprus 2016 World Campaign – Greek Cypriot Center of Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

Stefanos Chandakas is obstetrician endoscopic surgeon, gynecologist graduate of Medical School of the University of Athens. He received his Ph.D.from the Medical School of Athens University with a grade “excellent” asanda Masters in Medical Management from the University of London, Imperial College London (MBA in Healthcare Management). Email: Web: